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        This company is located the Zhenjiang eastern suburb yellow market town, vertically and horizontally within the boundaries Huanglong, Ge Dan road. Place goes directly to the Hu-Ning railroad, the Shanghai and Nanjing high speed 113 road Danyang section to the south 1 kilometer, may go directly to Nanjing Wealth Mouth Airport; Goes nonstop to the big port foreign trade port to the northern 2 kilometers,The transportation extends in all directions, extremely convenient, is called the bond investor to develop the investment the Longfeng treasure trove.
        Constructs the bold electric appliance limited company, founded in 1983. This company persisted walks “the difficult imbark, the scientific management, the quality first, technical promoting education” the road, passes through several dozens years endeavor, existing staff 160, in which specialized engineers and technicians five, fixed asset 20,000,000. This company main product includes: “Constructs boldly” the sign entire series tube fuse, the place, clamps, and obtains the VOE?CE?CQC?CCCand GB/T 19001-2000idt ISO9001:2000idt,The product enters the strict quality examination, the quality had achieved the home, the international security standard, sells in distant markets the various countries, deeply domestic, international welcome and favor.
        “The difficult imbark, the unity strives for success, never says die, the struggle creates first-class” is this company's enterprise spirit, under general manager's leadership, all staff strives for success furiously, explores and develops, produces a higher quality product, the potency in the user, welcome the new old customer hand in hand to cooperate zealously with us, altogether will create magnificent tomorrow.

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